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The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024.

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Henry Moore Studios & Gardens has joined more than 100 cultural institutions around the globe on the free Bloomberg Connects app.

We’ve launched a new digital guide featuring audio and video from the Henry Moore Archive, enriching both in-person visits and online exploration.

A photo showing the arms of two women. One is holding a mobile phone. On the screen of the phone is a photo of a sculpture, a logo for Henry Moore Studios and Gardens and the words

Explore Henry Moore Studios & Gardens in a new way with our free audio-visual guide on Bloomberg Connects, the arts and culture app.

Discover rarely seen photos, in-depth audio guides, stories and video content offering fascinating insights into Henry Moore’s artistic practices, the development of his famous sculptures and his life in the English hamlet of Perry Green.

There are also opportunities to find out more about the Henry Moore Shop, our touring programme, plus you can subscribe to our newsletter and connect with us on social media.

Start exploring our guide anytime, anywhere. Download the app to your mobile device, and search for or scroll to ‘Henry Moore Studios & Gardens’ to get started.

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