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Grants & fellowships

Henry Moore Grants support the growth and development of sculpture across historical, modern and contemporary registers, and funds research that expands the appreciation of sculpture.

A large, white-walled gallery space has been filled with sand. Buried in the sand are several objects, including a damaged outbuilding around the size of a single car garage, old tyres, and pieces of wood.

Types of project we support

We welcome applications from non-profit organisations, based in the UK or internationally. You can apply for a grant in support of exhibitions, exhibition catalogues, commissions, conferences, research, publications and the development of collections through acquisitions, conservation, cataloguing and display.

Individuals are welcome to apply for Research and Travel grants. This is the only category open to individuals.

Henry Moore Grants are available in the following categories:

New Projects and Commissions

Available to non-profit organisations for exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and sculpture commissions.

If your exhibition or commission project aims to encourage new thinking about sculpture or sculpture history, or contributes to public awareness and appreciation of sculpture, you are eligible to apply.

The maximum grant available in this category is £20,000.

A woman wearing blue gloves is stood by a table containing small sculptural objects, ready to begin conservation.

Acquisitions and Collections

Available for non-profit organisations who wish to acquire new sculptural works for their collections, or to conserve sculpture in existing collections.

We also consider grants for cataloguing and display costs.

The maximum grant available in this category is £20,000.

A man and woman are sat at a desk reading books about art.

Research and Development


Long-Term Research grants

Available to organisations only, these grants support extended research projects requiring funding for more than one year, e.g. a permanent collection catalogue.

Grants can be awarded up to £20,000.


Research and Travel grants

Available to sculpture historians, academics and conservators who are researching and publishing on sculpture conservation, production, history and/or interpretation. As an applicant, you can apply for funding towards your research costs, including travel, photography and archival access.

Research and travel to inform private or personal practice is not eligible.

The maximum grant for individuals is £2,500.

Conferences, Lectures and Publications

Available to organisations who wish to publish a new book or journal, or to stage a conference or other event related to sculpture.

Please note, exhibition catalogues are only eligible under the New Projects and Commissions category.

The maximum grant awarded in this category is £5,000.

Apply for a grant

We use Flexi-Grant to administer grant applications. Please register to create an account, from where you can submit, manage and review all your grant applications.

For help on the application process and answers to common questions, please see our FAQ guidance page.

Henry Moore Grants portal

Applications are considered four times per year, and may be submitted between the following dates (all times GMT):


Applications open 1 May, 9:00

Submissions close 1 June, 23:00

For projects starting, or opening to the public, no sooner than 1 October


Applications open 1 August, 9:00

Submissions close 1 September, 23:00

For projects starting, or opening to the public, no sooner than 1 January 2025


Applications open 1 November, 9:00

Submissions close 1 December, 23:00

For projects starting, or opening to the public, no sooner than 1 April 2025


Applications now 1 February 2025, 9:00

Submissions close 1 March 2025, 23:00

For projects starting, or opening to the public, no sooner than 1 July 2025

Further information

Find answers to frequently asked questions about project eligibility, the application process, and our Artist Award scheme.

You can also find downloadable documents on this page, including our grant terms & conditions and versions of our logo for use in marketing materials.


Further information on Henry Moore Grants

Research fellowships

We support researchers through our sculpture research programme at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds.

Fellowships allow researchers to spend a month using our facilities in Leeds, and include accommodation, travel and subsistence expenses.

Find out more about research fellowships


Projects we’ve help fund

Learn more about projects and commissions that we have recently helped to fund through our grant giving.

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The category and criteria information above should help answer most application and eligibility queries.

Further information about the application process and answers to frequently asked questions are available here.

There is additional support in the grants application portal, where you can also quickly assess eligibility without submitting an application.

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We cannot advise whether your project will be funded, only if it is eligible, so please refer back to the guidelines for this information.

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