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Our venues


Our spaces in Leeds and Hertfordshire show a mix of Moore’s own work and showcase other groundbreaking sculpture.

Grants & fellowships


Henry Moore Grants support the growth and development of sculpture across historical, modern and contemporary registers, and funds research that expands the appreciation of sculpture.

We welcome applications for support of exhibitions, exhibition catalogues, commissions, conferences, research, publications and the development of collections through acquisitions, conservation, cataloguing and display.

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A vintage colour photo showing sculptor Henry Moore working in his maquette studio. He is moulding a small sculpture in some kind of clay.

Cataloguing Henry Moore’s work


When Henry Moore set up the Foundation he charged it with looking after his legacy, and caring for the tangible material of works and papers.

To do this, the Foundation continues the catalogue of his work that he began in his lifetime, and maintains it with records of newly-discovered works.

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