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Henry Moore Grants: further information

Find answers to frequently asked questions about project eligibility, the application process, and our Artist Award scheme.

You can also find downloadable documents on this page, including our grant terms & conditions and versions of our logo for use in marketing materials.

The application process

For more in-depth information on each stage of the application process, please see the Application, Eligibility, Project costs and payments, and Reporting FAQs below.



To submit an application, you must have an individual account on our grants portal. If you are applying for anything other than the Research & Travel Category, your personal account should also be linked to the organisation you are applying on behalf of.

Once your account is set up, you can complete an application in any open round, and you can check on the status of any previous applications.

We accept submissions for grants four times per year. Each round of grants is open for one month. When applying for a grant, you can save your progress and come back to it later, and make changes to your application up until the deadline.

Applications must be completed and submitted by the stated deadline. Partial applications will not be considered.



Applications are first assessed for eligibility, and any application not meeting our criteria will be rejected.

All eligible applications are then assessed by our Grants Manager, and either shortlisted for consideration at the next Grants Committee meeting, or rejected at this point. Applicants will be sent an email if their application was not successful at this stage.

Shortlisted applications are reviewed by our Grants Committee six weeks after the submission deadline. Within two weeks of this meeting, we will contact all applicants by email to let you know whether you have been offered a grant or not.

We are not able to give feedback on individual applications. Any decisions made by us during the assessment process will not affect your future applications.


Claiming and reporting

If you are offered a grant, you must log into our grants portal to accept or decline the offer within three months.

In order to receive the grant payment, you must also complete a Marketing Plan and fill out a Documentation and Claim Form. These forms are available in our grants portal under the ‘Reports & Activities’ tab.

These reports are required to show how you will promote and acknowledge our support in line with our marketing guidance, and to demonstrate that the terms and conditions of the grant offer have been met. More details are available in the grants portal and in your grants offer letter.

Within six months of the project ending, the Final Report and Visitor Data Form must be completed. Once these have been submitted, reviewed and accepted, your grant is marked as complete. These forms must be completed to ensure your grant is paid and future applications are not rejected.

Application FAQs

Find information about how long the application process takes and the types of information we ask for.

How long does the application process take?

Each application round is open for one month, with four rounds held each year. Applicants will be informed whether they were successful or not approximately six to eight weeks after the closing date of the round they applied in.

Depending on the round you submitted in, you should hear from us by:

  • Spring round – mid to late July
  • Summer round – mid to late October
  • Autumn round – mid to late January
  • Winter round – mid to late April

In the application form, what are the project start and end dates?

  • Exhibitions – when the project opens to the public
  • Acquisitions – the date of proposed purchase
  • Conservation – the date the project starts and will aim to be completed
  • Research and travel – the date of travel or publication
  • Conference and lectures – the dates of the event
  • Publications – the date of publication

Can I see an application form before I apply?

Our application form is dynamic and shows different fields based on the answers you give, so it is not possible for us to share a ‘standard’ copy in advance. However, the form always includes:

  • Project name, aims, start and end date
  • Project budget and details of other funding you already have in place
  • Details of the artists involved in your project whose work is based in sculpture, and a list of any other participating artists (non-sculpture based)

If this is your first application, you will also need to upload details of your organisation’s non-profit status.

My organisation isn’t listed in the Grants Portal. How do I add my organisation?

Please send an email to the Grants Manager with details of your organisation, including:

  • Full postal address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Charity Number (where applicable)
  • Confirmation that the organisation has been in operation as a non-profit for at least 12 months

A link to the organisation cannot be accepted in place of this information.

Eligibility FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions around what kinds of organisations are eligible to apply for a Henry Moore Grant, and what category your project is likely to fall under.

Can any organisation apply?

We only support non-profit organisations.

Organisations must have been established and operating in a non-profit capacity for at least 12 months.

Do you support international projects?

Yes, we welcome applications from across the world.

Do you only support sculpture projects?

Yes, we only support projects that involve sculpture in some way.

For your application to be successful it should be predominantly focused on sculpture, or the sculpture element of your project.

Can artists apply for funding towards costs of their personal practice?

No, but if artists are exhibiting with a non-profit organisation, the venue can apply for support.

Can I apply for funding towards personal study costs?

No, but we do run a separate fellowship programme at the Henry Moore Institute.

These fellowships are designed to enable artists and researchers to develop their work using our facilities in Leeds, and include accommodation, travel and subsistence expenses.

Can I apply for funding towards memorials?

Applications for classical figurative memorials are not accepted. Monuments that contribute to public appreciation of sculpture and the visual arts will be considered.

Our organisation has been gifted a sculpture but we have to pay to transport it, can we apply for funding?

Yes, if your organisation is non-profit and the sculpture will be on display rather than in storage, you can apply under the Acquisitions category.

Who can apply for a Research and Travel Grant?

Sculpture historians, academics and conservators who are researching and publishing on sculpture conservation, production, history and/or interpretation.

Can I apply for funding towards a community group art activity?

No, but if the activity is hosted at a non-profit organisation as part of an exhibition, this could be eligible. It would need to be applied for by the host venue under the New Projects and Commissions category.

Can I apply for multiple projects in each round?

There is no limit on the number of projects that you can apply for, but it is advisable to apply for the round which best meets your project dates and for the correct category.

It is also advisable to read the T&Cs before applying to ensure that you can meet the requirement for multiple projects.

I am unsure if my project qualifies, how can I tell?

The application form starts with a series of eligibility questions. These do not take long and will determine if your project is eligible.

We strongly advise you to complete this section honestly. Applications that are deemed to have manipulated the eligibility criteria will be rejected.

Can you tell me if my project will be accepted before I complete the form?

No. Each application is considered individually by the Grants Committee.

Completing the eligibility screening section of the application first, and honestly, will determine if your project meets our eligibility requirements.

Project costs and payment FAQs

Find answers to questions such as what kind of project costs we do and don’t cover, and when you will get paid if your application is successful.

Does the Foundation cover whole project costs?

Not usually. We normally expect that other funding has been applied for or is being considered.

The only exception is for Research and Travel Grants, which we may fund up to £2,500.

What costs are not considered in a project budget?

The Foundation does not cover central costs such as staff time and building maintenance.

Project costs should be specific to the project and should include a fair and considered artist fee, where applicable.

Should I apply for the maximum amount available in a given category?

Your project budget will be scrutinised by the Grants Committee, and it is expected that you will apply for a realistic and fair amount relative to your project and budget.

If the amount you apply for is deemed unrealistic it is likely to be rejected by the Grants Committee.

Do you always offer the same amount that is applied for?

No. The Grants Committee sometimes offer a different amount to what you requested. This can be for a variety of reasons, and the amount offered will be made clear in your offer letter.

If successful, how soon will the grant be paid and when should I claim?

Grants can only be claimed through your online account with certain documentation and evidence, as specified in your offer letter and our Standard Terms and Conditions of Grant Award.

Grants must be accepted within 3 months via confirmation in your online account.

The grant payment must be claimed within 3 years, via the Documentation and Claim form in your online account.

After these points, the offer will automatically expire unless an extension has been agreed and confirmed in advance with the Grants Manager.

Reporting FAQs

Find answers to questions such as what to do if your project changes unexpectedly, and how to credit us in marketing material.

My project has had to be postponed for reasons outside my control, can I keep my grant?

The Henry Moore Foundation is aware of the challenges and complications that organisations have been facing in light of recent events. We understand the difficulties faced ensuring the continuity of public programmes and the ability to forward plan in these moments of uncertainty.

We have received notifications from several grant recipients, advising us that exhibitions and projects that the Henry Moore Foundation has supported are now being delayed. The Foundation will endeavour to maintain its support for projects irrespective of such changes.

If you would like to discuss any specific questions, please contact our Grants Manager using the form below.

My project has changed since my offer was accepted. What do I do?

In the event of any change to your project, contact the Grants Manager.

Certain changes may require reconsideration by the committee, including changes to the artists involved in your project, changes to an acquisition, change in venue, etc.

Some changes such as applicant contact details may just need to be updated in our database.

How do I claim my grant?

For all grants awarded after June 2023, applicants need to complete these three forms in the following order:

  1. Marketing Plan
    Must be completed and approved by our Marketing Team before promotional materials are produced.
  2. Documentation and Claim Form
    Must be completed within three years of the grant offer, including uploading documents to evidence funding.
  3. Final Report and Visitor Data
    Must be completed within six months of the project end date.

All forms are scheduled by the Grants Manager and will be available in the grant file of your online account.

Terms & conditions

Please refer to this document for the full terms & conditions for accepting a Henry Moore Grant.

Download our grants terms & conditions (PDF)

Our logos

Please refer to this document on logo guidelines for further information on how and where to use our logos.

Download logo guidelines (PDF)

Logos for printed material

Download this ZIP file containing our logo in black and white, in .ai, .eps and .pdf formats.

Download logos for print (ZIP, 3.5mb)

Logos for use on screen

Download this ZIP file containing our logo in black and white, in .png format.

Download logos for screen (ZIP, 3.8mb)


By accepting a grant from the Henry Moore Foundation, you are agreeing to acknowledge our financial support in promotional material.

Once you have accepted an offer you must complete the Marketing Plan report online and not produce any promotional material before approval is given by our Marketing team.

Full details and terms will be included in your offer letter. For further information, please contact us using the form below.

Artist Award scheme


What is the Artist Award and can I apply for it as an artist?

This award scheme has run twice, providing small grants for artists in the face of challenging circumstances.

Instead of an application process, we invite nominations for artists from selected non-profit art organisations across the UK and Northern Ireland. Nominated artists must meet criteria specified by the Foundation.

This is not a grant that can be applied for and is not currently active.

Contact us

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We cannot advise whether your project will be funded, only if it is eligible, so please refer back to the advice on this page for this information.

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