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The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024.

Discover & Research

College & University research opportunities

Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire

Deepen your students’ engagement with creative processes, archives and art collections.

We can help introduce research materials, and give insight into art industry pathways they may be yet to discover.

How we can support your studies

Devise a research day for your group, with us:

  • Have a studio talk with a curator to gain more in depth knowledge on experimental studio spaces and processes
  • Access our archive activities, to understand the behind-the-scenes resources stored there and how they can open up new opportunities
  • Introduce groups to ideas about collections, from discovering Henry Moore’s personal collection of inspiring objects held in his home, to the vast collections of artworks he made and displayed globally

These opportunities are subject to availability, and located at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens in Hertfordshire.

If you’d like to find out more or request a visit please complete the enquiry form below.

An adult with long hair holds a camera to their eye, looking off to the left of the image.
Talking/Walking workshop at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, summer 2023. Photo: Rob Hill.

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Beginners guide to using our online research resources

We encourage you to use our online catalogue and archive to search for inspiration and to further your student research.

Alternatively, you can search the whole catalogue for visual inspiration, using words you’re interested in.

For example, type in the word plaster, textiles, figure, family, or war, and see what discoveries you make.

Please note, most of the things you find in the online catalogue are not available to see on site as they are likely to be in exhibitions around the world or in specialist storage.

The Henry Moore Archive: useful for further research

With an unparalleled collection of published and unpublished resources, the Henry Moore Archive documents the global impact of Moore’s work, his interests and legacies.

This page gives an overview of what is available in the archive on site: books, sales catalogues, news articles, posters, letters, documents, photos, films and more.

You can search some of what’s in the archive online too. Similarly to the artwork catalogue, try typing in something you’re interested in.

Things available to see in the archive are listed under the Bibliography and Archive Object sections of the online catalogue.

Bibliography – Henry Moore Artwork Catalogue

Getting here

Henry Moore Studios & Gardens

Experience Henry Moore’s iconic work in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside with a visit to the artist’s former home, studios and sculpture gardens.

Perry Green
SG10 6EE
United Kingdom

T:  01279 843 333