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The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024.

Vitality: The Human Landscapes of Henry Moore

A black and white photo showing an older man working on a sculpture made from white plaster of paris

Henry Moore Studios & Gardens will reopen to the public for the 2023 season from 5 April – 29 October and will present Vitality: The Human Landscapes of Henry Moore. The outdoor exhibition will explore nature and the human body as sources of vitality and expressions of life force, which Henry Moore could harness in his work, uniting and concentrating their vital energy.

The exhibition will include Reclining Connected Forms 1969, which was last on show at Henry Moore Studios and Gardens in 2010. Several of the permanent pieces will be repositioned, offering visitors a new experience of the site. The exhibition will coincide with the 125th anniversary of Henry Moore’s birth in 2023.

Although Moore’s forms often appear abstract, he was fundamentally a figurative artist – the human body remained his core concern throughout his life. In his maquette studio, he surrounded himself with natural forms – bones, stones, shells and driftwood – which he transformed into figures through the addition of clay, plasticine and plaster. When he enlarged these works and placed them outside, the rise and fall of the body – knees, breasts, and shoulders – echoed the forms of the land.

In 2023, more than twenty monumental bronzes inspired by natural and human forms are on display in the landscape surrounding the studios where Moore developed ideas. Multi-part reclining figures are joined by some of his purest organic abstractions and works exploring his most iconic themes, the mother and child, the reclining figure, and the juxtaposition of internal and external forms.

A vintage black and white photo showing an abstract bronze sculpture against a countryside setting. There are two trees arching into shot, one from each side.
'Reclining Connected Forms' 1969 (LH 612), in 1971. Photo: Errol Jackson.
A bronze sculpture in the form of an abstracted reclining figure sited in a green landscape in summer.
Henry Moore, 'Two Piece Reclining Figure: Points' 1969 (LH 606). Photo: Sarah Mason.

“125 years on since Henry Moore’s birth it seems appropriate to consider vitality. Vitality was a word often used by Moore to describe a quality he hoped to embody in his art. He used the term to describe an animating force or power. He drew on all of his experiences of art, landscape, the human body, hope and fear, and channelled them into expressive works, which he hoped we would connect directly with our own. His empathy coupled with his intense interest in all forms charges abstract organic shapes with meaning. Their significance seems heightened by their placement here in the landscape in which they were created.”

Dr. Hannah Higham, Senior Curator of Collections & Research


New tickets for 2023

Responding to the current financial climate, Henry Moore Studios & Gardens is delighted to introduce a new annual ticket that allows all visitors the opportunity to enjoy the 70 acres of studios, home and gardens as many times as they wish in the year following their visit.

Tickets are valid for 12 calendar months and can be used an unlimited number of times during open seasons.

  • Adult admission £16.50
  • Family tickets from £30

“As the cost of living crisis continues across the UK, many potential visitors will be on the lookout for more affordable activities. Our ambition is to enable and encourage more people to visit, enjoy the Studios & Gardens and discover Henry Moore. With this in mind we have taken the decision not to increase the ticket price regardless of the added value of multiple visits.”

Lesley Wake, Chief Operating Officer at the Henry Moore Foundation

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