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The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024.

What We Do

Gabecare, High on the Summit Ridge

Commission/Exhibition for Travelling Gallery
£3,000 awarded

Gabecare’s new sculptural installation, which playfully investigates our relationship to domestic mess by elevating craft and household activity, toured Scotland in the custom-built Travelling Gallery.

A photo showing a bus, which has been painting with a domestic scene in shades of yellow and grey. The bus is parked up on a rural road with a mountain side looming behind it and dramatic grey clouds in the sky.

About the work

Taking inspiration from social history and the evolution of housework, High on the Summit Ridge provokes storytelling and memories, while also digging deeper and questioning the economy around housework and care.

Gabecare’s installation encompasses complex ideas around women’s work, tourism, and land ownership. Their work treads a playful line between nostalgia and curiosity with abstracted nods to the home, for example a kitchen sink where a film can be viewed down the plughole.

The exhibition toured Scotland in the custom-built Travelling Gallery, allowing audiences to appreciate and discuss the experimental and thought-provoking power of sculpture on their own doorstep.

“Nearly all our visitors were local; people on their way to the shops; a few with kids but quite often solo. Almost none had been to a gallery before; some mentioning how intimidating they thought it would be and those who had been in the past, hadn’t felt comfortable so it wasn’t something they would choose to do again. It was great they took the step of coming into Travelling Gallery.”

Travelling Gallery

Gabecare, 'Is Washday Worthwhile?' 2023.

About the artists

Gabecare is a collaborative art project by Rachel Adams and Tessa Lynch which investigates the domestic mess of 21st century living. They take their name from little known American inventor Frances Gabe, who devoted much of her life to designing and building the world’s one and only self-cleaning home.

Exploring the unpaid labour that goes into housework, Gabecare draw our attention to who carries out the care and maintenance at home, while at the same time managing to embrace and even celebrate the continual messiness of our daily lives.