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The Henry Moore Institute is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024. Henry Moore Studios & Gardens is closed over winter and will reopen on Wednesday 28 March 2024.

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Autumn Art Socials


Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Small, pentagonal ceramic tiles arranged in patterns to make stars and hexagons with their negative space. The tiles are white, with curly blue lines painted on top.

Art Socials are informal, sociable sessions for teachers and art educators of all kinds, run by Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute.

We hope you’ll leave with new ideas and inspiration to take back into your own teaching practice.

Our Autumn Art Social series has been supported by LEEDS2023 and the Heritage Lottery Fund, to highlight and celebrate the cultural contributions of artists from the Global Majority.

As usual, these sessions will explore different art forms, ideas and inspiration for the classroom, while also providing a space to consider how we can diversify the curriculum and recognise artists from all backgrounds in our teaching.

Email to book your places at our Art Socials.

A detailed, stylised drawing of a young person sat at a desk, with the background melting away into a suggestion of sketches and lines.

Art Social No. 10: People Pictures with Curtis Holder

Leeds Art Gallery
Wednesday 18 October, 17:00–19:00

Come along to our first session this autumn, where we’ll be joined by artist Curtis Holder.

Using coloured pencil as a drawing material, we will explore the relationship between making a portrait and being pictured, considering how conversation changes the dynamic and fosters greater understanding between people.


About the artist

Curtis Holder is artist in residence at Leeds Art Gallery as part of the UAL Decolonising Arts Institute’s 20/20 project. His work focuses on using line to investigate motivations, connections and conversations through the passage of time.

Photo of Saba Rifat, an artist with brown eyes and long, dark hair. She is standing behind one of her geometric paper artworks.

Art Social No. 11: Geometric Poetry with Saba Rifat

Henry Moore Institute
Wednesday 15 November, 17:00–19:00

We’ll be joined in this session by artist Saba Rifat, who explores the geometry found in science and nature. Her work references historical Islamic patterns, and takes influence from the art and architecture of many different cultures.

In this Art Social, we’ll take a tour of our current exhibition The Weight of Words, which examines the crossovers between sculpture and poetry. We’ll then work with Saba to create geometric sculptures which incorporate words, turning the written word into repeat patterns, and transforming 2D into 3D.


About the artist

Saba Rifat is a visual artist and travel photographer based in Yorkshire.

Saba’s work includes drawings, printmaking, installations and murals, inspired by ubiquitous Geometric Shapes observed in Science and Nature. Many of Saba’s compositions have a close reference to historical Islamic Patterns, comprising geometric divisions, forms and colours that use visual techniques drawn from its rich traditional arts culture.

A large, free-standing artwork made up of four embroidered panels in the shape of a minaret. Each panel depicts a different scene, and makes use of colourful repeating patterns.

Art Social No. 12: Textile Stories with Farwa Moledina

Leeds Art Gallery
Wednesday 6 December, 17:00–19:00

Join us in December for an Art Social where we’ll be using foiling and hand embroidery techniques make textile artworks.


About the artist

Farwa Moledina is a Muslim artist of Yemeni-Tanzanian heritage. She was raised in Dubai and currently lives and works in the UK.

Working within themes of faith, family, and the histories of Muslim women, her patterns are inspired by characteristics of Islamic Design including recurrence, symmetry and abstraction. Her works are often on a large scale, and comment on contemporary art and life.


Art Socials are free, informal sessions for teachers and art educators of all kinds. They are run in partnership between Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute.

Please e-mail to book your place at one of our Art Socials.


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