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Egon Altdorf

Gallery 4

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

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Egon Altdorf (1922–2008) was one of three prize-winners in the German competition for the Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner, and went on to achieve success as a printmaker, graphic artist and interior designer as well as a sculptor.

Altdorf held strong Catholic beliefs and often made work on Christian religious subjects. One of his most significant projects was designing the interior scheme for the new synagogue in Wiesbaden, built to replace the synagogue destroyed in Kristallnacht in 1938, and now widely regarded as an important example of post-war religious architecture.

The exhibition focuses on the work Altdorf produced immediately following his entry to the competition to design the Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner in 1952 and his subsequent visit to the UK in 1953, which he described as the most important event in his creative development.

The display features three of Altdorf’s steel sculptures, along with a selection of his woodcuts and prints. These show both the strength of Altdorf’s design and printmaking skills, and the clear influence of the British artists he met during his time in the UK.

Egon Altdorf, 'Idol' 1955, welded steel. Photo: Douglas Atfield.


Egon Altdorf: Dorian Crone and Catherine Croft in Conversation


Egon Altdorf: Dorian Crone and Catherine Croft in Conversation


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Henry Moore Institute, Leeds


Into the Light: The Art of Egon Altdorf is the first English language study of Altdorf’s work, illuminating the contribution of artists who reshaped postwar life while remaining under-represented in art history: the lost generation.

Through ten interdisciplinary chapters, this beautiful hardcover book explores Altdorf’s sculpture, printmaking, glass design, and poetry.

Edited by Judith LeGrove, with additional texts by Nicolette David, Arie Hartog, David Jasper, Julia Kelly, Ulrich Knufinke, Deborah Lewer, Elaine Morley, Felicitas Reutsch, Dorothea Schöne, and Graham Ward.

Product details:

192 pages
290 x 225mm
ISBN: 978-1915670083

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