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The Henry Moore Institute is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024.

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Digital Soundscape

Listening/Mapping by felix taylor

Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire

Included with an annual ticket

Artist and composer felix taylor has created an immersive soundscape to interact with on the Bloomberg Connects App, responding to the site and our annual theme of Inspiration, Sculpture and our Natural World.

felix has spent time at Henry Moore Studio & Gardens gathering field recordings, composing and creating unique audio to be experienced digitally and in the grounds during a visit.

His composition reflects the play between the minimal, abstract forms of Moore’s sculpture against the organic disorder of the nature surrounding them.

The soundscape is intended to become part of the already rich sonic environment that the surrounding nature in the gardens provides. We encourage you to listen to the three tracks out loud, so that each can mingle with the birdsong, sheep bleating and even other devices around you playing the piece at the same time.

In addition, felix has created a captioned video piece to interpret and accompany the work with words; adding another dimension and access point for audiences, and developing this part of his practice.

“The observation of nature is part of an artist’s life, it enlarges his form-knowledge, keeps him fresh and from working only by formula, and feeds inspiration.

The human figure is what interests me most deeply, but I have found principles of form and rhythm from the study of natural objects such as pebbles, rocks, bones, trees, plants etc.

There is, in Nature a limitless variety of shapes and rhythms (and the telescope and microscope have enlarged the field) from which the sculptor can enlarge his form-knowledge experience.”

Henry Moore, 1934


The soundscape is included with an annual ticket.

You will need to download the Bloomberg Connects app to experience the full soundscape.


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About the artist

felix taylor is an artist and composer from South London working with sound and image. His work uses field recording, musical composition, computer programming, radio broadcasts, collage and film making.

felix has just released a composition for Philip Glass’s Orange Mountain Music Label, commissioned for the composer’s 85th birthday. He currently working on a public installation for Turner prize nominated collective Gentle / Radical, amongst other commissions and alongside new music and scores for radio and film.

Previous projects include performances, collaborations, workshops, exhibited works and soundtracks for The ICA, Chisenhale gallery, BBC Sounds, Somerset House, South London Gallery, FACT Liverpool, Reduced Listening, Audible, The Black Cultural Archive, GOMA, Thames Festival, Uber Boat, Musicity, NTS Radio, The Arnolfini, The Jewish Museum, 1020 Radio and We the Curious.

Previous awards include: Arts Council England – ‘DYCP’ funding; Theatre in the Mill – Tech, Learn, Play grant; London Creative Network Mentorship programme 2021; Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award, 2023.

Other events at Studios & Gardens

This season our busy events programme draws inspiration from the natural world with creative workshops, artist talks, film screenings, and open archive sessions. Many events are included in an annual ticket to the Studios & Gardens, allowing visitors to return as often as they wish to explore new elements and ideas.

International Sculpture Day: Celebrate, Assemble, Recollect
A photo taken through a hole in a bronze sculpture. Through the hole you can see a middle aged man, wearing fashionable spectacles, talking into a microphone.
Part of Inspiration, Sculpture and Our Natural World
Part of Inspiration, Sculpture and Our Natural World

Drop-in activity

International Sculpture Day: Celebrate, Assemble, Recollect


Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire
Plaster workshops for local schools (KS2 / KS3)


Plaster workshops for local schools (KS2 / KS3)


Sold Out

Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire
Education group visit & metal workshop, in partnership with Ore Projects (ages 16-25)
An adult wearing yellow protective gear and a black welding mask is welding two small pieces of metal together. A bright light, sparks and smoke can be seen. Two other people, wearing the same protective gear, are looking on.

Education group visit & workshop

Education group visit & metal workshop, in partnership with Ore Projects (ages 16-25)


Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire
Open Archive: Inspiration, Sculpture and Our Natural World
A vintage colour photo showing a garden with apple trees in blossom. In the foreground is a small, bronze sundial on a concrete base
Part of Inspiration, Sculpture and Our Natural World
Part of Inspiration, Sculpture and Our Natural World

Open archive session

Open Archive: Inspiration, Sculpture and Our Natural World


Drop-in, no booking needed

Henry Moore Archive
Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire

Getting here

We’re located just 27 miles north of London in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.


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Henry Moore Studios & Gardens

Dane Tree House
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