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The Henry Moore Institute is closed for refurbishment until Summer 2024. Henry Moore Studios & Gardens is closed over winter and will reopen on Wednesday 28 March 2024.

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Outdoor display

Vitality: The Human Landscapes of Henry Moore

Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire

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A bronze sculpture in the form of an abstracted reclining figure sited in a green landscape in summer.

For Moore, nature and the human body were sources of vitality, expressions of life-force which he could harness in his work, uniting and concentrating their vital energy.

Although his forms often appear abstract, Moore was fundamentally a figurative artist, and the human body remained his core concern throughout his life. In his maquette studio, he surrounded himself with natural forms – bones, stones, shells and driftwood – which he transformed into figures through the addition of clay, plasticine and plaster. When he enlarged these works and placed them outside, the rise and fall of the body – knees, breasts, and shoulders – echoed the forms of the land.

Moore enhanced the relationship of his works to their environment by incorporating space within them. He broke the figure into multiple parts and pierced his sculptures to create holes, making space a part of the sculpture and bringing the landscape into the very form of the work.

In 2023, more than twenty monumental bronzes inspired by natural and human forms are displayed in the landscape surrounding the studios where Moore developed ideas. Multi-part reclining figures are joined by some of his purest organic abstractions and works exploring his most iconic themes: the mother and child, the reclining figure, and the juxtaposition of internal and external forms.

A black and white photo showing an older man working on a sculpture made from white plaster of paris
Henry Moore working on the plaster for 'Two Piece Reclining Figure: Points' (LH 606) c. 1969-70. Photo: Errol Jackson.

Events at Studios & Gardens

This summer we are celebrating the theme of Vitality: The Human Landscapes of Henry Moore with a series of practitioner-led activities designed for different ages, abilities and interests. Join us to participate in workshopping, walking, talking, digital interactions and drop-in events.

Modern Sculpture, Essence, and Difference: Reflections on the Work of Constantin Brâncuşi
Abstract image composed of layered, stone-textured shapes on a green background.
Part of Brâncuşi and Britain
Part of Brâncuşi and Britain

Early career research symposium

Modern Sculpture, Essence, and Difference: Reflections on the Work of Constantin Brâncuşi

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The Courtauld Gallery, London, UK
Ariane Coulondre and Matthew Gale
Side by side portrait photos of Ariane Coulondre and Matthew Gale.
Part of Brâncuşi and Britain
Part of Brâncuşi and Britain

Curatorial discussion

Ariane Coulondre and Matthew Gale


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Brâncuşi, Britain and the Idea of Modern Sculpture
Black and white vintage photo showing three older men stood in a gallery. Hung on the walls behind them are lots of paintings in fancy frames. The men are dressed in suits, two wear hats, and one holds a walking stick. One is smoking a pipe, and the other two are holding cigarettes.
Part of Brâncuşi and Britain
Part of Brâncuşi and Britain


Brâncuşi, Britain and the Idea of Modern Sculpture

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Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire

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