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Research fellows 1995

Each year our fellowship programme enables artists and researchers to develop their work.

In 1995 our visiting fellows included Sighle Breathnach-Lynch, Kerstin Mey, Elisabeth Rosser and David Ward.

Sighle Breathnach-Lynch


Curator of Irish Paintings, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin


Research Fellowship

The Representation of Workers in the Hamo Thornycroft Archive

Having worked on public monuments in the context of Irish nationalism, Breathnach-Lynch wished to test her findings against the ‘mainland’ context of commemorative statuary as documented in our Archive of Sculptors’ Papers (and in particular that of Hamo Thornycroft), in other local repositories and by English scholars.

Kerstin Mey


Chair of Fine Art, University of Belfast


Research Fellowship


‘Duel’: Tracey Mackenna and Karla Sachse

Exploring her interest in artistic identities, Kerstin Mey brought together artists Tracey Mackenna and Karla Sachse to make an exhibition on-site in the Institute’s Gallery 4. Her published account of this ‘arranged encounter’ is published in Duel (Essay 12).

Elisabeth Rosser


Sculptor, London


Research Fellowship

The Ugly Edge

Galvanised by her encounter with artist William Tucker, Elisabeth Rosser applied for a fellowship to pursue the question of how to talk and write about sculpture that looks lumpen and unshaped, and to ask why sculpture involving modelling and touch has increasingly been undervalued.

Elizabeth Rosser, 'Untitled III' 1986, shown at the Ugly Edge conference. Courtesy the artist.

David Ward


Artist, Wiltshire


Research Fellowship

Rodin, ‘The Age of Bronze’

Rodin’s The Age of Bronze had only recently arrived in Leeds when David Ward applied to study its particular history and its remarkable patina.

Using performance, film and photography, Ward’s research culminated in a beautiful book entitled Casting the Die: ‘The Age of Bronze’ in Leeds.

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