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Research fellows 2007

Each year our fellowship programme enables artists and researchers to develop their work.

In 2007 our visiting fellows included Anna Dezeuze, Mariko Leino, Anna Lovatt, Alistair Rider, Jonathan Katz, Andrew Bick, Courtney Martin, Falke Pisano and additional research projects.

Anna Dezeuze

University of Manchester

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

The ‘Almost Nothing’: Dematerialisation and the Politics of Precariousness

Mariko Leino

Oxford University

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Italian Renaissance Plaquettes in Context

Anna Lovatt

University of Nottingham

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

The role of drawing in New York based sculptural practices of the late 1960s and early 70s

In her examination of the relationship between drawing and sculpture in this period, Dr Anna Lovatt pays particular attention to the work of Ruth Vollmer, Mel Bochner, Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt and Dorothea Rockburne.

Her current research interests include Post-war American drawing, particularly in the context of post-Minimal and Conceptual art; the diagram in twentieth-century art and theory; transatlantic dialogue in Conceptual art; and legacies of the 1960s in contemporary artistic practice.


Alistair Rider

University of St Andrews

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Base Measure: Carl Andre’s Sculptures and Politics 1959-1976

As well as his research into the poetry and sculpture of Carl Andre, Dr Alistair Rider is also concerned with Post-war sculpture, artist-led political activism, art and ecology, and contemporary art and climate change.

Jonathan Katz

Visiting Associate Professor, Smith College

Senior Research Fellowship

Experiential Eros: Intersubjective Sculpture in the 1960s

Jonathan Katz’s fellowship project examines how artists of the 1960s mobilised the body and its pleasures towards crafting a universal erotic subject, in clear contrast to our current modelling of identity through difference.

Andrew Bick

Research Fellowship

Eccentric Construction

Independent curator and artist Andrew Bick’s research project re-examines Constructed Abstract Art in the UK in the light of contemporary practice, using the work of Anthony Hill and Achill Redo as a starting point.

Anthony Hill, Maquette for a relief mural for the Sixth Congress of the International Union of Architects, South Bank, London 1961. Courtesy Leeds Museums and Galleries (Leeds Art Gallery).

Courtney Martin

Yale University

Research Fellowship

Cyclones in the Metropole British Artists 1976-1989

Martin used her time at the Institute to work on her PhD dissertation Cyclones in the Metropole British Artists 1976-1989. Her work examines the innovation production of immigrant, first generation and non-English artists in Britain during the 1970s and 1980s.

Falke Pisano

Research Fellowship

29 Decisions for a Time Piece Capsule Radio Piece

Artist Falke Pisano developed her project ’29 Decisions for a Time Piece Capsule Radio Piece’, creating new work looking at the confrontation between text and concrete form.

Additional research projects

This year we supported several additional research projects, outside of our fellowship program:

Sandra Kisters (Vrije University, Amsterdam)

Sarah Hoglund (State University New York)

Mari Dumett (Boston University)

Previous Research Fellows

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