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Research fellows 2008

Each year our fellowship programme enables artists and researchers to develop their work.

In 2008 our visiting fellows included Vicky Greenaway, Rachel Wells, Krysten Cunningham, Wouter Davidts, Jyrki Siukonen and Chiara Teolato.

Vicky Greenaway

Royal Holloway, University of London

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Romantic poetry and sculpture

Dr Vicky Greenaway is currently developing a monograph on Romantic poetry and sculpture, the topic of her fellowship at the Henry Moore Institute.

Rachel Wells

Courtauld Institute of Art

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

The theme of scale in contemporary sculpture

Dr Rachel Wells furthered her doctoral research project, identifying an emphasis upon quantitative difference in the trend of enlargement, miniaturisation and life-size scale in sculpture since the early 1990s. Her research examines the connection between this artwork and postmodern philosophies of measurement.

The project also encompasses issues from her wider research interests, including the relationship between sculpture and photography, and the effects of globalisation on contemporary art.

Krysten Cunningham

Artist, Los Angeles

Research Fellowship

Tales of the 4th Dimension

Krysten Cunningham will be working on her short film ‘3 to 4’, in which five dancers and a sculpture journey through the desert as they pass from the third dimension into the fourth.

Shot on location in the California desert, where there is precedence for outlandish scientific hypothesis, the purpose of ’3 to 4’ is to integrate human movement, colour, object and landscape into the definition of four dimensional space.

Krysten Cunningham, '3 to 4' 2010, single channel HD video, 8 minutes. Courtesy the artist.

Wouter Davidts

Research Fellowship

Larger than the Body: Claes Oldenburg and the Problem of Scale

Claes Oldenburg is one of the post-war artists who has most consistently used size inflation as a vital sculptural strategy. For his fellowship at the Institute, Davidts purported a retroactive analysis of the work of this emblematic artist.

Davidts’ project fits within broader research to critically rearticulate and recalibrate the prevailing notions of size and scale in contemporary sculpture and architecture. Results of the research will serve as the basis for a future exhibition on the work of Oldenburg, provisionally entitled Object-Body-Building.

Jyrki Siukonen

Research Fellowship

Sculptors and Philosophy of Tools

Jyrki Siukonen is an artist and researcher who studies how twentieth-century sculptors went about their manual studio work and use of tools.

For his fellowship, Siukonen will study the Institute’s collections and look for supporting evidence for Heidegger’s notion that use of tools constitutes a particular way of seeing.

Chiara Teolato

Research Fellowship

Sculpture and the Taste for the Antique in Yorkshire Country Houses (1750-1850)

This research project focuses on the dissemination of small decorative bronzes from the antique in Yorkshire country houses. Serially produced by sculptors working in Rome, they were acquired on the spot as souvenirs by contemporary Grand Tour travellers. Through their prominent placement in the manor houses of Britain they had a lasting and heavily classicising impact on the development of the country’s furniture and interior decoration.

Chiara Teolato is currently studying Roman bronzes in London and Country Houses in the South of England.

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