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Research fellows 2004

Each year our fellowship programme enables artists and researchers to develop their work.

In 2004 our visiting fellows included Jo Applin, Andrea M. Gáldy, David Hulks, Uta Kornmeier, Aura Satz, Emma Stirrup, Joanne Lee, Ewa Manikowska, Charlotte von Poehl and Hanno Soans.

Jo Applin

University College London

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Hauntings: The Encrypted Object

Dr Jo Applin will be using her time at the Henry Moore Institute to write a book about a body of objects produced during the early sixties in America by Lee Bontecou, Claes Oldenburg, Lucas Samaras, H.C. Westermann and Bruce Nauman.

Her other current research interests surround the notion of tools, work and ‘making’ in the work of a number of women artists working in North America and Europe between 1950-1969, including Lygia Clark, Lee Lozano, Yayoi Kusama and Louise Nevelson.

Andrea M. Gáldy

University of Manchester

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Collecting and Display at two European Courts: the Presentation of Sculpture in Sixteenth-century Florence and Dresden

Dr Andrea M. Gáldy’s research interests include the display of non-sculptural objects as sculpture; armouries; the display of sculpture as a claim of Dynastic Ambition; the history of collections of antiquities in connection with the early history of archaeology; and the history of display.

David Hulks

University of East Anglia, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Adrian Stokes and the Changing Object of Art (1930-72)

Dr David Hulks is currently conducting research into sculpture studies in the twentieth-century avant-garde (inter-war, post-war, post-minimalist, contemporary) and public sculpture (Elizabethan origins, classicism, East Anglian survey).

He is also interested in world art studies (new theoretical perspectives, historiography) and art education: critical curriculum (critical studies), art & assessment (national curriculum), cross-cultural (comparative studies), multidisciplinary (cross-curricular and collaborative working).

Uta Kornmeier

Oxford University

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Taken from Life: Madame Tussaud and the Pantheonic waxworks display

Aura Satz

Slade School of Fine Art, London

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Off the Pedestal, On the Stage: Relation Between Sculpture Object/Theatrical Prop

Emma Stirrup

University of Oxford

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Virginity in Sculpture: Saintly Effigies and the Cult of Relics in Early Modern Italy

Joanne Lee

Nottingham Trent University

Research Fellowship

Critical Enchantment – the way we think, speak and write about art

Examining archive and audio-visual material, Joanne Lee spent her fellowship at the Institute seeking to discern methodologies of curiosity, wonder and enchantment in the critical languages of artists, as part of her research for a publication on critical concepts.

Ewa Manikowska

National Museum of Warsaw

Research Fellowship

Nineteenth-Century Polish Collections of Antique and Neoclassical Sculptures

Ewa Manikowska’s fellowship was part of her preparation for the exhibition Apollo in Warsaw which draws on the little-known national collections of classical sculpture, to show how neoclassicism was reflected in Polish taste.

Manikowska was attracted to Leeds not simply because of the Sculpture Research Library at the Henry Moore Institute, but also because of the Institute’s experience in displaying sculpture in new ways.

Charlotte von Poehl

Artist, Paris

Research Fellowship

Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt

Charlotte von Poehl draws parallels between her own ways of working with repetition and seriality and the work of Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse. During her fellowship at the Institute she explored the paradoxes, gaps and disruptions in their work and their writing to inspire her in her own work.

Hanno Soans

Art Museum of Estonia, Tallin

Research Fellowship

The Nature and Perception of Sculpture from the early 1960s to today

The new building of the Art Museum of Estonia will open with an exhibition which will map changes in the notion of sculpture since the 1960s. Hanno Soans worked in our library to compile an anthology of critical writing from this period to accompany the show, and to prepare an international conference considering definitions of sculpture in relation to the exhibition.

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